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Live fire demonstration gives firsthand look at how sprinklers work
Justina Page and Pam Elliott know firsthand what it’s like to experience a house fire. Page, of Houston, Texas, survived third degree burns on more than 50 percent of her body and lost a child in a fire, and Elliott, of North Carolina, was burned in a fire at the age of 5. The two women were at Embassy Suites in East Peoria April 29 .....
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Cape Coral gets demo on residential fire sprinkler systems

Many people have a smoke detector in their home. But what about a fire sprinkler system? They are not required in single family homes and some in Cape Coral are asking why. Read more here.

Common Voices Advocacy Group Recipients of Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Safety Leadership Award
The Congressional Fire Service Institute and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation have selected Common Voices for the Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Service Safety Leadership Award. Named after retired-Senator Paul S. Sarbanes of Maryland, the award recognizes organizations for their outstanding contributions to firefighter health and safety.
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The IAFC and Common Voices to be honored at the National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner:
The Congressional Fire Services Institute and the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation have selected the International Association of Fire Chiefs and Common Voices for the Senator Paul S. Sarbanes Fire Service Safety Leadership Award.
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Residential Fire Sprinklers Receive Landslide Support
Voting members of the leading building code body in the nation, the International Code Council (ICC), overwhelmingly supported a residential fire sprinkler requirement for all new one- and two-family homes and townhouses.
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National Fire Sprinkler Association Partners with International Association of Fire Chiefs on Fire Sprinkler Resources for Communities
The Second Edition of “Residential Fire Sprinklers...A Step-By-Step Approach for Communities” and the updated companion Look Up For Safety CD/DVD set is now available to fire service and community leaders. The updated resources build upon the original editions, which were released in 2001.
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Fire Team USA and Common Voices Encourage Everyone to “Get Involved!”
The numbers are staggering. The problem will not go away. New problems are built every day.
Yes, we are referencing the growing fire problem in America. People are dying at alarming rates. What can we do to change this trend?
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Deadly fires prompt national warning
Fires strike across the country, killing on the average nine people each day (one every 162 minutes) and injuring thousands. Each one is a tragedy, and just within the past two weeks we have seen several particularly horrific ones.
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Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act Overview
The cost of fire in America is enormous.  Every year we suffer over 3,200 civilian deaths, about 100 fire fighter deaths, and over 16,000 injuries.  The direct property damage caused by fire is over $10 billion.  However, when you factor indirect costs associated with fire, such as lost economic activity, this figure climbs to over $107 billion.
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Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act Bullet Points
The Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act of 2007, HR 1742 in the House of Representatives and S 582 in the Senate, would amend the 1986 Internal Revenue Code to classify fire sprinkler retrofits as a five year property for purposes of depreciation.
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Common Voices podcast on Firehouse.com
The stories of Vina, Amy and Bonnie bring to life the message that "Fire Sprinklers Save Lives" and highlight the need for cooperation and collaboration in working to affect change on our nations fire problem.
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Sprinkler Save in Massachusetts
Massachusetts recently reached a major milestone in fire safety. In
response to the 2003 Station Nightclub fire, MA passed comprehensive fire safety legislation that we call the MA Fire Safety Act. One of its many provisions was requiring certain bars and nightclubs to install fire sprinklers within three years.
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Gail Minger featured on Fire Marshal's Corner: Winter 2007

In this month’s Fire Marshal’s Corner, we start with some very sound advice from South Carolina Fire Marshal John Reich about holiday fire safety, particularly when it comes to Christmas Tree fires. Every year these fires happen, but are very easily preventable with some simple steps. NIST has a great video on how fast a Christmas tree ignites that can be downloaded and used in your public safety programs.
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Beach fire kindles memory of frat house fire
Chapel Hill - The fire that killed seven students Sunday on Ocian Isle Beach has revived memories of a fatal fraternity fire in Chapel hill.
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Fire Tragedies in the news...
COLUMBIA, S.C. (Oct. 30) - A student who survived a beach house inferno by leaping from a third-story window said Tuesday he wasn't sure what woke him up, but he had to make the decision to jump quickly because smoke was filling the room.
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Earlier fire brought sprinklers to UNC; Ocean Isle tragedy spurs calls for similar changes
The fire gutted the house, leaving several college students dead and a community in mourning. It also prompted calls to strengthen the local fire code, since the working smoke alarms weren't enough to prevent the deaths.

Sound familiar?
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NFSA Board of Directors Unveils Common Voices Advocates’ Coalition
The National Fire Sprinkler Association Board of Directors unveiled its latest sponsored
initiative, an Advocates’ Coalition called Common Voices, at its October Board meeting
in New York City. The NFSA Board began building this Coalition in February of 2007
by bringing together fire advocates who have been affected by fire, but have turned tragic
events into advocacy by supporting fire sprinklers.
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